Who am I?

A freelance translator & conference interpreter, based in Paris.

My working languages are French and English.

I specialize in written translation and in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation. My clients are in a variety of fields, from state-of-the-art telecom equipment, to government, business, diplomatic and non governmental organizations.

I graduated in 1978 and have seen considerable changes in the field of translation in the last 30 years. Dinosaur or survivor, I am supported by my unfailing motivation to help people communicate in true fashion.

People come to me for linguistic help or simply to exchange.

The standard joke about me is that I always get asked the way in places where I’ve never been before. Tourists come to me in Paris when they are lost. Younger colleagues approach me for advice and to tell me about their concerns. I listen and I help.

I have also made the conscious decision not to monetize this blog. I earn a living by translating and interpreting, not writing. If you see any ads displayed alongside my content, they have nothing to do with me and therefore bring me nothing, not a cent. I don’t provide links for machine translation systems either.

A proselytist for Human Translators.

Human translators are a threatened species. I have a very poor opinion of the convenient but highly unreliable instant-translation tools you find on many sites. In the land of French Cuisine, I deplore the fact that translation is going the way of (fast) food. There should be a Health Hazard warning on fast translation!

What about (real) life?

Diverse interests compete in my life: reading, watching movies, photography, traveling, needlework when I have the time. Yes I am also a knitter and a patchwork quilter. I believe that having a wide range of interests is what makes our life interesting. I also believe that living our lives now is the only way to go.

Can’t see your contact details?

If you haven’t got to my Contact Page yet, here is a summary:

  • Leave a comment on one of my posts
  • E-mail me to nadine [at] nadinetouzet.com
  • Call me on my cellphone: +33 6 75 37 27 90
  • For conference interpretation only, you can contact my assistant on: +33 1 45 44 22 52 (Paris office hours – GMT+1)

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